My name is Sergio Baptista, I was born in Mozambique in 1973 and grown up in Lisbon, Portugal.

I love my country, there’s plenty of sun 70% of the days, there’s good chances we can have a good day at the beach in almost every months, the temperature is mild all year long, rarely below 5º and above 35º, being the great majority of the year between 15º and 30º.

One of the things I like in Portugal is the fact that here nothing really bad ever happens, I mean, there’s no terrorism, there’s no freezing cold temperatures, there’s no hot days like the one’s in the desert, there’s no Abramovitch, but there’s no poor people like there are in so many developed countries. Things are mild, like politics, like economics. In my perspective this is heaven on earth.

I’m sure that everyone that arrives to Portugal will some day come back, if not to live here forever at least to know the rest of the country they left to be discovered.

I love to travel to know people’s habits and to understand their culture.


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